Solid Wood Structure

4 Inch thick solid wood with heavy duty bolts joints, well sanded and oil treatment

Shall I Purchase the Yurt SIPs Platform?

Shall I Purchase the Yurt SIPs Platform?

The yurts are kind of round shape buildings and the required platform are also in round shape. For some beginners it is a little difficult to build. So have ask some construction company for help. Now we have the new options~ Premade Sips yurt platform with insulation layer. Shall you purchase the yurt Sips platform or not? You should consider below conditions:

If you are experienced and would prefer to build the yurt platform also enjoy the fun of building a yurt by yourself. The costs will be lower than purchase the premade Sips platform.

If you are not good at it and considering hire some construction company to build the yurt platform. Depend on our experience, the costs are even higher than the cost of premade Sips yurt platform.

The Sips yurt platform we offered are well cut into pieces which are like a jigsaw puzzle. When the yurt arrives, you can simply put the Sips platform according to the drawing we send you. It takes about 4 hours you will get the platform ready.

How much does it cost for the yurt Sips platform? Check here


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