Green Field Yurt is modern yurt manufacturer from China. 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 20ft, 27ft and 30ft yurt are our main yurt size.

We are team-up by a group of people who loves outdoor experience. In the year 2004, we started a team and always trying to have some outdoor real experience we had lots of fun, and from our so many times outdoor living experience we found Yurt is really good choice for the outdoor life, so we bought some yurts and used it. While as you can understand people always wanna find something better, so one day an idea comes to our mind, why not do something special by our own, so we started doing research on the yurts and now we had some gains~the green field yurt.

So in the 2006, we build our first own yurt and test it in the practical applications. As I mentioned we consisted by people who love outdoor living and each year we will have several month for all the people of green field yurt to have some fun with our yurts, during this we found where should be done better, how can we increase the practicability.

Year 2008 is a good opportunity because holiday resorts become popular and popular here in our location. We got many projects of yurt resort, and learnt that yurt is not only a tent but also a house. Now, we proud to say 99% feedback we got from the customers are positive. If you are interested in yurt, come to us won’t be a wrong choice.

The green field yurt team