Many yurt fans and customers may have experienced to live in a yurt or many times, but they many not familiar with how to choose a proper ground to erect, hope this blog will help a little bit about that.

Not Far From Water.

Because people will live in yurt may for one day or couple month or even years, so water will supply will be very important. If you have rivers or groundwater nearby will be good. Also that should be noticed that do not erect a yurt too close to water, in case heavy rains caused flood, that may put you and your yurt in danger.

Choose an area locates on the side of yurt that is sheltered from the wind.

Although yurt can be equipped with insulation layer, but in order to keep the inside yurt warm, choose a site with sheltered from the wind will be good.

And avoid the door or windows towards to wind directly.

Keep away from cliff or trees.

This is important, I know people like to live in nature places, yurt lovers love nature more. Live in a forest is cool. But leave enough space between your yurt and the trees. As we learnt, sometimes trees will be blow down by heavy wind, and if a yurt is exactly at the area, the yurt will be destroyed and may hurt people.

Similar reason for cliff. Just in case big stones drop from the cliff.

Consider daily sun sight.

Modern yurts will be with clear dome and windows for better daylight to bright the inside yurt. While choose a site with good sun sight still necessary.

In winter that will helps keep the inside yurt warm, and in summer if its hot inside, you can just open the dome and windows for wind to get in.

Besides, yurt can be equipped with insulation layer. This layer can keep the inside yurt in comfortable temperature.

Prevent lightning stroke.

That has to be considered especially in the area that thunder happens frequently.

Which means do not erect your yurt to somewhere which are very high, or under a tree.

Make sure there is  not any termite around your site.

Harmfulness of the termite to wooden house is obviously. Since yurt structure is made from wood. So keep away from anywhere termite may happens.

Keep away from too soft ground

In some area, the ground may be stable in winter when it becomes warmer like springs, the frozen ground will start melting and if that happens you can image, the yurt may become a ship in river~ shaking with people walking.

And that happens a lot especially in spring, so keep that in mind.

The area need to be with well drainage.

 Choose a ground with good drainage. People will live in the yurt, choose a place with good drainage should be considered before erect the yurt.

How to arrange the yurts in a yurt theme park.

We will recommend to erected the yurts to a horseshoe shape. Not too close each other, and in the middle the campsite can build some communal facilities like restaurant, or some stages for special feast days.

While there are many some other points to be noted, will update this frequently.

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