How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Yurt

Many international customer to us and want to buy yurt, but always concerns about how much does it cost actually to buy a yurt. Aim at this, Green Field Yurt would like to share some examples for easier calculation.

1. How much does a yurt itself costs?

We have listed our yurt price here, you can simply check and confirm which sizes are you prefer. Now you have a clear idea about the price of a yurt itself.

If you need some customized design on your yurt, contact us directly. We also offering discount for orders more than or equals to 5sets.

PS. The price we listed on our website are based on FOB term US dollar. Which means at that price we will deliver the yurt you ordered to Tianjin port of China. Take care of the Custom. You do not need to worry anything about that part.

2. Packing costs.

For international shipping, we suggest to pack the yurts in export wooden box which costs USD210/yurt.

For orders more than 5 sets, ship by a full container will worth well. When shipped by full container, no need wooden box package.

3.International shipping cost.

The yurts package are big sizes, so normally shipped by sea. Lets take shipping Australia as an example.

A 5.85m diameter yurt package is about 5CBM and weighs 400kg. Shipping by sea LCL(less container loading) is about USD60/CBM. So the international shipping cost for a 5.85m diameter will be USD300.

For FCL(full container loading) a 20’ container ship to Australia costs about USD900~USD1700 maximum. Let’s take it as USD1200.A 20’ container can load so many yurts. Depend on yurt sizes.

4. Import tax

Fob Pricex5%. We take the 5.85m diameter yurt as example

Import tax=USD2490*5%=USD124.5

5. GST

(Fob Price+ import tax+ shipping cost+ insurance)x10%=(2490+124.5+300+30)=USD294.5

6. Some handling costs if you use broker

We are not sure about that, but as we learnt that does not cost much. Generally there will be AUD90 as handling costs, AUD50 as declaration fee.

7. Inland shipping cost

That depend on how far away your location to the sea ports. Normally USD300 will be ok for that.

8. How much does it actually costs?

FOB Price+ Packing fee+ International shipping cost+ import tax+ GST+ Operation cost+ Inland shipping cost=2490+ 210+ 124.5+ 294.5+ 98(we exchange AUD to USD here)+ 300=USD3517

Please note:

1)All we calculate may have different in practical. We try to list the maximum costs in case above your budget.

2)Customers are more smart and know their local costs better. We suggest to do some research for your local costs. We will deal with our side(before arriving customer country part) as clear as we can.

In the future, we will try to contact with customer and ask them help to offer a more clear costs of their side and listed here as better and more clear reference.

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