Why Steel Frame Yurt?

The yurt is a house inhabited by Mongolian herdsmen. It is easy to construct and relocate, suitable for animal husbandry and nomadic life. The traditional yurt is made of wooden structure and felt. The modern yurt has made some improvements to the traditional yurt, but most of them retain the tradition~ use wood as the main support structure.

Green Field Yurt Co., Ltd launched the alloy frame yurt, so what advantages does the alloy yurt frame have?

Affordable Yurt Price

Production of alloy yurt frame saves much labor, besides the costs to produce alloy yurt frame is much cheaper than wooden yurt frame.

For example, one 6m diamter wooden frame modern yurt price is about USD8000. One 6m diameter alloy frame modern yurt costs only USD2500.

Only this comparasion may be not very shocking. Imagine you are planning to build a yurt theme holiday park and you need 10 sets of 6m diameter yurts. Man, we are talking about USD55000 money saving.

Check different sizes yurt price here.

Durable,High Pressure Capacity

You may ask, for that big price difference, does alloy frame yurt durable?

Good questions! The answer is Yes!

The upside and downside wall channel(this is not same with traditional yurt frame) we are using 3.5×3.5cm steel tube with 1.2mm wall thickness. The wall support are 3.2cm diameter round tube which makes the yurt frame very durable. This new design has been proved to be a durable yurt structure by the market.

Easy to Install

Yurt looks simple, actually to build a yurt takes very long time and labor. To build a modern design wooden frame yurt requires at least 2 labor takes about 3days to install a yurt.

This new design alloy frame yurt can be erected in half day with two labor. Process of build a alloy frame yurt is basiclly: Connect the yurt wall channel, insert the wall frame panel, install roof poles and skylight, install door, cover, dome. That’s it. Check the detailed step of how to build a yurt here.

Simple maintenance

As we all knows, wooden products are prone to cracking, mildew and other problems under different humidity conditions. The best way to maintenance a wood product is oiling them. Wooden yurt frame also requires similar maintenance. For traditional yurts, the nomand will painting the wooden frame, but modern yurts manufacturer will oiling the wood to keep its nature appearance.

After a wooden frame yurt installed it will be very difficult to do the maintenance. As we know most yurt owners do not apply that maintenance. That’s why some second hand yurts frame looks not very good.

The alloy yurt frame you won’t worry about maintenance. We will do several steps treatment on the frame surface to avoid rusts happen. So basiclly no maintenance requirement for the yurt alloy frame.

How to maintenance a yurt? Check here

Better fire proof

Have’t heard any yurt manufacturer do fire retardant treatment on the yurt wooden frame. The alloy yurt frame has its advantage on fire proof.

Above are the main advantages of yurt alloy frame, there are some other advantages like more environmental friendly, easy transportation, nice appearance etc. With all the advantages, we believe alloy frame is a good choice for yurt.

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