Which size will be fit for your yurt project

Which size will be fit for your yurt project

There are many different yurt sizes to choose with, from the smallest 8ft to luxury one 30ft. Since there are some many different sizes, how should we choose some yurts which are exactly fit well on our requirement? Following we make a distinction between yurt according to different purpose:

  1. Some people may build a yurt just for their kids to play inside, in this case, normally a yurt from 8ft to 12ft will be enough, viewing from outside of yurt its not big, but when you go inside of the yurt you will found the inside world is different as we imagine.
  2. As we learnt build yurt as an outdoor house is one of the most choices. For this purpose we will have to consider some bigger ones. If we do not have plans to stay in yurt for more than 10days each holiday, then a small 12ft yurt will be ok, you can put a double or double deck bed and build a simple cooking area outside the yurt.
  3. If you are owner of a lodge then we will suggest consider to build bigger yurts like 18ft 22ft or 30ft yurt. The inside space are much bigger, you can consider to build bathroom, toilet as well as cooking are inside the yurt, also put some dinner tables, some closets will be necessary. In this case 18ft to 30ft will be your choice
  4. Also some people would like to build a yurt for their party, normally a big yurt 30ft will be the best choice for more friends to hang in there.

Some yoga class, parties happens in yurt, this 20ft, 27ft and 30ft yurts also works well for this purpose.

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