Why Yurt?

For Holiday Parks

Amazing experience for the holiday park and lodge visitors to live in. 10 times money back than a normal building, but 1/10 costs of Cement building.

For Personal use

Put your live in real nature, just take few days you can build a really comfort cabin.

For Business

No matter you wann use it as Yoga room, or be a distributor, yurt become more and more welcomed

Yurt for holiday park
glamping yurt

green field yurt team
green field yurt team

Time Line

2004 we are group of people who loves outdoors

2006 we build first our own yurt to live in.

2008 we team up and have our workshop named “Green Field Yurt”

2018 we moved our workshop in Tianjin of China. To service more people from overseas who loves yurt.

Design Your Yurt

Contact us to design your yurt
Design Your Yurt